Hog Confinement

Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of you Hog Confinement needs with many systems. Our Nursery and Finishing Penning are available in custom lengths, which simplify remodeling projects. For Research Facilities we offer our Metabolism Crate, which is a perfect fit.



Wean To Finish Penning

  • Largest manufacturer of stainless gating in the USA

  • Easy to clean design

  • Durable and long-lasting

  • Vertical spindles prevent climbing

  • Solid panels on bottom prevent draft for small pigs

  • Peg and hook or drop rod latches

  • Various lengths available

Nursery Penning

Nursery Penning

Nursery Pens

  • Stainless steel nursery pens for trouble free operation and less work

  • Panel length made to fit customers needs

  • All wall brackets and other parts are custom made

  • Designed for pigs 15# - 80#

  • 28" high and 2" off of floor

  • Spindle 3" on center

  • 6"x6" 10ga. base plate

  • 20-year warranty

Finishing Penning

Finishing Penning

Finishing Pens

  • Stainless steel all welded construction and maintenance free

  • Panel length made to fit customer needs

  • Heavy-duty 12ga. Corner posts

  • 7 1/2″x7 1/2, 8ga. Reinforced base plate with slotted holes

  • 38″ high and 3″ off of floor

  • Spindles 5″ on center

  • 20-year warranty

  • *Custom Fit Penning is also available*

Metabolism Crate
Tip-Out Single Sided Feeder
Tip-Out front view
Custom Fit Penning
Custom Fit Penning

Research Facilities

  • We build Custom Equipment for laboratories, universities and research facilities such as the metabolism crate featured here.


Metabolism Crate

  • All 304 Stainless Steel Built for hogs or sheep

  • Custom Height, Width, & Lengths Available

  • Flip-open side door allows easy access to animal

  • Screen mesh bottomed  trays with drain pans

  • Removable feed bowl and shut-off panel

  • Squeeze top and adjustable side panels

  • Adjustable rump bar to stabilize animal for treatment

  • Heavy-duty swivel casters with locks for stability

  • Feeders and Waterers available


Tip-Out Single Sided Feeder

  • Easy cleaning

  • Top crank adjusting

  • All welding construction for strength and easy installation

  • Fit in nursery gating


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