Hog Farrowing Systems

Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of you Hog Farrowing needs with many systems. We have a few styles of Farrowing Stalls and Crates with many options that fit all your needs. Our Gestations Stalls are very popular as well. 

Danish Farrow Free Stall

Only ALL stainless Steel Crate Made in the USA

  • Designed for commercial operations

  • Easy sow management and user friendly

  • Large square footage available

  • Adjustable width when closed

  • Custom designed to meet your needs

  • Increased creep area

  • Animal welfare compliant

  • No moving parts

  • Available with many feeding options

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MORE Brochure Pictures 5-11-15 021.JPG

Back Adjustment

Back Adjustment

Danish Front Adjustment - 225x300

Danish Front Adjustment - 225x300


Euro-Style Farrowing Crate

  • Standard 5' x 7' setup

  • Easy width adjustment allows 2-4" extension for larger sow

  • Open back design for easy access to the sow

  • Back creep panel lifts to load or remove sow

  • Large feed bowl

  • Sow/piglet waterline

  • Large creep area for small pigs, with easy access for treatment

  • Options:

    • Anti-crush bar

    • Available in 7'-0" length or customize


Farrowing Crate
Farrowing Stall
Farrowing Stall
Farrowing Stall
Farrowing Stall
Farrowing Stall
Farrowing Stall

Farrowing Stall

  • All 304 Stainless Steel assures you will never have a rust problem

  • Finger bar crate helps maintain higher litter yields and greater sow comfort

  • No bolts in crate

  • 8 full-length bars for total confinement open either way

  • Drop rod hinges

  • Creep panel pockets standard with crate

  • Adjustable rump guard with single pin adjustment

  • Fingers have rounded bottom edges

  • Outside measurements: Width 24″, 22″, or 20″, 40″H, 7′-0″L

  • Options:

  • Solid or Split rump bars

  • Open back for easy access or closed back

  • Adjustable bowed bar or swing side


Creep Panels

  • Edges are double folded for strength and smooth finish

  • Divider panels bolt to front and rear panels

  • Stainless Steel nuts and bolts included

  • Options:

  • Channel welded to front and rear panel to accept slide-out divider panel

  • Creep panel can also be made of corrugated steel for strength

  • ID Card Holder





Slam Latch

Slam Latch

Feed Trough

Feed Trough

Gestation Stalls

  • Slanted front or Straight Front Options

  • New slam latch - No removabel pins

  • Drop back for A.I. Breeding

  • Top bolted 12ga. 1" x 1" angle iron

  • Flat bar for bolting to floor

  • 3" Feed tube built-in-design

  • Feed through available in any length

    • Available in 22" or 24" width

  • Option of slanted Front Discourages stepping into feed

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