Milking Parlors

We offer a wide range of Milking Parlors. Super Simple Crowd Gates, Parallel Milking Stalls or Herringbone. Please contact us to discuss your project and we will make sure our part will be the best experience.


Super Simple Crowd Gate

  • Custom-Built - can be designed for low clearance

  • Patent Pending

  • Heavy-Duty Hot-Dipped Galvanized 2 3/8″ OD Sch 40 Tubing

  • Air Cylinders are optional

  • Simple flip gate with one finger

  • Closed Position – When closing, slam latch locks gate into closed position. To open, simply pull cord to trigger the latch for opening

  • Open Position - Holds open with the balanced counterweight keeping it from dropping back down

  • Opening - Easy to open with balanced counter-weight

  • Drive Wheel - Glides smoothly down tracks, powered by a variable speed electric motor with automatic stop switches


Thorp Simple Parallel Stall

  • Heavy Duty & Simple yet Functional Stalls

  • Easy Installation

  • Affordable Price

  • Hot-dipped galvanized structure has minimal field welding for less galvanizing burning off


Herringbone Parlor

  • Compact design easily fits in buildings fits in buildings with 8-foot ceilings

  • Heavy duty construction with 2-3/8″ OD galvanized sch 40 pipe

  • Power indexing front ends are air powered breast rails that gently nudge those stubborn cows into position (optional)

  • Easy operation with simple 5-button control box located at either end of parlor

  • Low noise operation keeps cows content and comfortable stalls help promote better let down of milk


Thorp Swing Up & Out Stall

  • Heavy Duty construction makes life of stall longer

  • Clean streamlined look with suspended gravity close sequence  gates

  • No sequence gate posts in concrete to clean around

  • Set-in place installation

  • Hot-dipped galvanized structure has minimal field welding for less galvanized burning off

  • Indexing makes easier milker attachment

  • Optional stainless steel cabinet encloses pulsator, clean air lines and wiring for easy clean-up


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