Nursery Systems

Our nursery systems range from waterers, feeders to pennings. We build various solutions for all sorts of needs in the hog industry. Please let us know what your requirements are and we'll help you realize your goals. Our Nursery Pennings are available in custom lengths, which simplify remodeling projects.

Sow & Piglet Waterer

Sow & Piglet Waterer

Nursery Waterers

  • For use in crates

  • 36″ waterline with 1/2″ fittings

  • Double outlet for sow nipple in crate

  • Piglet nipple to creep area

  • Bracket to bolt to crate (right or left sided)

  • * Nipples not included

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Pictures for Brochures 057.JPG

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Pictures for Brochures 059.JPG

Nursery Tapered Dry feeder

  • Cranks on top for easy feed adjustment on            either side

  • Available in 24" - 72" single or double-sided

  • Customs sizes available

Nursery Penning

Nursery Penning

Nursery Pens

  • Stainless steel nursery pens for trouble free operation and less work

  • Panel length made to fit customers needs

  • All wall brackets and other parts are custom made

  • Designed for pigs 15# - 80#

  • 28" high and 2" off of floor

  • Spindle 3" on center

  • 6"x 6" 10ga. base plate

  • 20-year warranty

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