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Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of your needs, from Horse Stalls to Scrapes and Maple Syrup Pans. Or if you need a sturdy steel railing we can do that as well! Contact us to discuss your needs and ideas. 


Horse Stalls

  • Thorp Equipment Stalls come with three main components that are completely assembled:

    • Front Panel, Door, and the Grill-work Section.


  • All you need to do is sink posts and place the header, then install the assembled components.


  • These components consist of plastic panels, plastic lumber panels, or real wood panels. The frame and grillwork consist of stainless steel, which will never rust. There are a couple of options for the hay & grain feeders, and are designed for simple installation.  Thorp Stalls can attach to existing columns or can be free standing, with our self-supporting interlocking panels.  All hardware is included.  Thorp Stalls are custom built at affordable prices.


  • Thorp Equipment Stalls also have the added feature of free standing self-supporting interlocking panels.


  • Safety of the horses is our key objective for the designing of our latch systems.



  • Square Protein Scoop: 1# and 2# Cap. available

  • Square Feed Scoop: 6# Cap. available

  • Round Feed Scoop: 3# and  6# Cap. available



  • Alley Scrapers: 24" wide blade. Scrape feed alley, walkways, clean free stall alleys, slatted floors

    • Custom blade sizes available

  • Push & Pul Scrapers: 18" wide blade. Push it down the alley. Pull wast of the platform

  • Chippers: 7"x 4 1/4" wide blade. Scrape from down spreaders

    • Available in 4' of 5' handle

  • Barn & Grain Hoes: Platform scraper. Scrape under decks

    • 12" x 5" blade (barn)

    • 12" x 5" blade 72" handle (grain)

    • 7 1/2" x 3 1/2" blade (barn)


Maple Syrup Pans

  • Evaporator Pans

  • Flat Pan (Item Shown)

  • “V” Bottom Pan

  • Drop Flue Pan (1″ X 6 3/4″)

  • Available in any size


Custom Fabricated Goods

  • Thorp Equipment specializes in custom fabrication of small parts such as hose distributors for milking parlors and the perforated cheese forms used in the dairy industry.


  • We also have the capability of handling the large jobs such as conveyors, canopies, stairways, and handrails. We also have experience in making computer desks, wash tanks and counter tops.


  • Our products can be fabricated in mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Hot dip galvanized steel and epoxy painted orders are also available.


Wall Gaurd

  • Installed Inside All Curtain Walls

  • Different Sizes/Gauges Available

  • Custom Designed to Fit All Barns

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