Our Products - Customized to Your Needs

We have a wide range of products as part of our portfolio. Please browse around and call or mail us with any questions.

Thorp Equipment Inc. has a full selection of Hog Feeding Systems which include a wide variety of Wet/Dry Feeders and Dry Feeders.


  • Wet/Dry feeders

    • Wean to finish Wet/Dry Shelf Feeder

    • Thorp's Ultimate Wet/Dry Tub & Tube Feeder

    • Ultimate Wet/Dry Tub Feeder

    • Ultimate Wet/Dry Tube Feeders

    • New Generation Wet/Dry Tube Feeders

  • Dry Feeders

    • Heavy Duty Divider Dry Feeder

    • Nursery Dry Feeder

    • Dry Tube Feeder

    • Heavy Duty Divider Dry Feeder

Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of your Hog Confinement needs with many systems. Our Finishing Penning are available in custom lengths, which simplify remodeling projects. And for Research Facilities, the metabolism will fit in perfectly.

Thorp Equipment Inc. can also meet all of your Hog Farrowing Crates needs with many options as well. We have two styles of Gestation Stalls with various trough options to fit your facility. 


Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of your Nursery needs with many systems. We offer customizable waterers, feeders and pennings


Thorp Equipment Inc. can meet all of your Hog Farrowing Crates needs with many options. We also have two styles of Gestation Stalls with various trough options to fit your facility. 


Thorp Equipment Inc. is a manufacturer of quality custom stainless steel products. We offer the building industry the design and quality you want along with the lifetime of stainless steel. As a custom manufacturer we can fabricate anything to fit the possible needs for our customers. Our doors and frames are made of 100% stainless steel and are pre-hung and ready for installation.


Our Stainless Steel Doors are used in a variety of industries; from pharmaceutical to healthcare and from agriculture to laboratories.

We have Standard and Elite doors, for interior and exterior use. All our doors are affordable and long-lasting.

These doors are just great for any corrosive area and the elite door is the one if you need to ensure Bio Security

Let us know your specifications, we are happy to work with you to make your product successful!


Our Milking Parlors are customizable to your needs. We can help you out for sure!


  • Milking Parlors

    • Super Simple Crowd Gate

    • Thorp Simple Parallel

    • Herringbone Parlor

    • Thorp Swing Up & Out Stalls



We offer a wide selection of waterers.


  • Waterers

    • ​Ultimate Vacuum Valve

    • Ultimate Water Trough

    • Ultimate Round Water Trough

    • Covered Hog Waterer

    • Round Water Pan

    • Ultimate Water Pan

    • Inline Fence Watercups

    • Adjustable Double Waterbrackets

    • Sow & Piglet Waterers

You name it, and we make it!


Horse Stalls, Scrapers & Scoops, Maple Syrup Pans, Custom Fabricated Products like banner frames, conveyors, stairways and handrails.


We'd love to work with you on a new idea and make it a successful project!


  • Customized Products we made:

    • Horse Stalls

    • Scrapers 

    • Scoops

    • Computer desks

    • Counter tops

    • Maple Syrup Pans

    • Handrails

    • Banner Frames

    • Cheese Forms

    • & More

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