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Thorp Equipment Inc. began business in the barn and pole building industry in 1981. We have since expanded into manufacturing custom stainless steel products, using professional-grade plastics and animal management systems, all while now serving customers worldwide.

At Thorp Equipment, Inc., our mission statement is clear. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services on time with a team of experienced and skilled employees.

We are thankful for our continued growth and look forward to serving you to the very best of our ability.

Roy Lato


What a



Begin marketing   steel  equipment. (6 employees)

Expanded to international sales in Canada and Mexico. (26 employees)



Production of assortment of smaller dairy industry parts such as ACR boxes, barrel claws, and more.

Doubled manufacturing building footprint.



Manufacturing expands into hog equipment. In addition to farmers, our equipment is sold to universities and businesses for R&D.


Company incorporates with Roy Lato as president and takes over daily operations. (42 employees)


Tripled building footprint. (80 employees)

Begin selling to overseas clients.


Jason and Brent Lato, join business ownership.

Two additional buildings added with new Bystronic Bystar Laser and Mazak Laser production tools. (120 employees)



15 acres of land purchased for future expansion. (170 employees)

Stainless steel door department created.


Online orders are now accepted for non-custom pieces.





We love what we do

Over 40 Years Experience

Since 1981, Thorp Equipment has been committed to being the best in the Stainless Steel industry. Through continuous improvement and investment in our team, we provide top-quality equipment and excellent customer service. Our mission is to innovate, improve, and exceed customer expectations while remaining focused on providing the highest quality products and services.

Best Materials

As an equipment manufacturer, we at Thorp Equipment pride ourselves on using only the best materials. We exclusively use top-quality stainless steel and plastic in our equipment, which are durable, corrosion-resistant, and safe for various industries. Our products are reliable, efficient, and built to last, ensuring maximum performance for our customers.

Professional Standards

At Thorp Equipment, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of professional standards from the very start of our operations. This commitment to professionalism is evident in every step of our production process, from design to manufacturing and delivery. We believe that maintaining these standards is crucial to our success and to providing the best possible products and services to our customers.

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The Team

Roy Lato


Jason Lato

Vice President/Engineer

Brent Lato

Treasurer | Design Engineer

Jason Halida

Product Engineer

John Abramczak

Plant Supervisor

Jeff Abramczak

Door Production Manager / Sales

Marc Oehlsen

Centra & Southern Sales Manager

Duane Kleve

Central & Eastern Sales Manager

Jeremy Wagner

Commercial Building & Component Sales

Aaron Pogodzinski

Inside Sales

Jeff Abramczak

Door Production Manager / Sales

Wayde Olson

Northern Midwest Sales Manager
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